FullForce Radio: Live Streaming Metal & Talk from the Blockchain

ffr is metal, hard rock & irreverant talk

live streaming every week from my homebase on the Hive blockchain to bang heads around the world. come hang out and get rocked with full force —

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    Hey. I'm Crim.

    Heavy music and shows are some of my greatest passions.

    Being a live streaming DJ is my way of loving life and connecting more people with the blast beats that move us, the technology propelling us forward, and the friends we haven't met yet. I hang out every week playing metal, talking shit, and having a great time chatting live with listeners all around the globe. You don't have to be a hardcore metalhead or trve cvlt to hang with us in the hug pit... Bring your sense of humour, an open mind, and come let me put some great tracks in your ears with full force.

    My live shows are made possible by the community run, blockchain powered MSPwaves social interactive broadcasting network. There's a lineup of rad djs with all sorts of topics and you can check out the full schedule at the station website.

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    The epic playlist of imminent headbanging: every song from every episode of FullForce Radio, ever.

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    Live streams originate via the Hive blockchain. Join me for live chat on VimmTV, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, Theta and Periscope, or browse past episode playlists on Spotify.

    Join in the weekly fuckery

    If you love fun and you like it loud, trust me when I say we can't wait to meet you.

    I play music from all metal subgenres (and the occasional very not metal song.) We do musical deep dives, bizarre themes, trace the history of rock and roll, and don't take ourselves too seriously. Conversation each week tends to go off the rails. We've had listeners give each other sharpie tattoos, meme the everliving crap out of me, win merch, make crazy hats, party hard, and earn a little bit of crypto just for hanging out.

    Last Episode: 139

    Deep thoughts on creation and destruction, with a focus on bright, beautiful and slightly djenty progressive riffs a la the fabulous Plini! Topics eventually (inevitably?) trend to dying in brutal ways doing home renos, and chat speculates that I have 'Planchausen' syndrome and I'm keeping my plants just a touch sickly so I can mother them. NEVER LEAVE ME, FICUS. We're just normal friends with abnormal everything else 🖤